Jesus the Rock Ministry


24th April 2016


On this date we were able to host a very successful women seminar which commenced at 10AM and adjourned at 5PM.

We were able to carry out three lesson sessions and an extra question and answer session.

The first session was of the theme FAITH WITH ACTION from HEBREWS 11:1-4

The second minister taught about the need to find the right person to walk with in our Christian life and in the various ministries that we serve. 1SAMUEL3:1-18.

The third session was about Gods time From the book of JOB 2:10




The seminar was attended by 21 youth and had 4 teachers making a total of 25. It started at 10.00AM and was on till 5PM.

The youth in attendance were only from our church since we had a challenge of funds to host others from other churches. Not all youth were able to attend since it was a working day hence others being at there respective working places.

The youth contributed Ksh150/= to the success of the meeting and was resolved that in the fourth coming meetings they will involve the whole church in it’s financing. In the meeting the youth participated in various activities such as cleaning of the church premises hence its success.

The meeting was a success and the youth leadership plans to hold many more seminars and even invite youth from other churches in order to realize the will of God amongst the youth and harness their potential in various ministries.



We were able to host 38 women in the meeting which commenced at 10am and ended at 5PM.

We had four sessions each with its theme and different teacher. We also had an extra question and answer session after the fourth session.

The first session was of the topic A VIRTUOUS WOMAN from the book of Proverbs31:10-

The second session was of the theme UNDERSTANDING GOD’S WILL/WORD Mathew13:22

The third minister taught about SUPPORTING GOD’S MINISTERS

On the fourth session we learnt about CLEANLINESS IN MARRIAGE RUTH3:1-11

There also was a testimony session whereby those in attendance testified about wahat God has done in their lives and those with need were prayed for.






JRM Mombasa has been in arrears from buying a plot worth ksh500, 000/= which they purchased and were allowed to put up a temporary structure after paying a sum of Ksh400, 000/=. In the month of May 2016, we have cleared the debt and therefore in the process of transferring ownership of the piece of land.

On the 8th of May 2016, JRM MOMBASA hosted an album launch for a member of the church Donald Mjomba who is an artist. The programmer realized that the floor on the altar wasn’t complete, it was dusty hence the stage was dusty too. She suggested that the artists and those in attendance to give towards the completion of the altar and she was able to collect Ksh6, 000/= which was a start up for the church to tile the floor at a cost of ksh23, 960/= in early June.

On the 10th & 17th of June 2016, the Langhonyi Pentecostal church, Chawia, [mother church] and JRM Mombasa respectively held a pre-wedding ceremony for Donald Shake and Agnes Chao’s wedding to be held on the 20th of August 2016. The groom, Donald Shake, is the first born of Rev Jones Shake and Pst. Jane Shake. The mother church raised ksh167,000/= and the branch ksh 217,000/= . The family of Rev Jones shake and Pst Jane Shake would wish to welcome all to their son’s wedding




LAGHONYI PENTECOSTAL CHURCH has been carried out a project to do a major renovation of the church since it’s a 20 year old building.

Through the contributions of the members and a fundraising held at the church the project has been successful and the renovations complete.

Below is the breakdown of the expenses incurred:-

KOFIA 6,000
NAILS 4,080
CEMENT 38,460
SAND 11,000
PAINT 20,670
TIMBER 17,206
TILES 27,830
TOTAL 393,726

Kacheliba Pokot church nursery school

Pastor Nahashon started a nursery school in the new church building. the church members contributed and they finished the cement floor of the church. there is a huge problem with very low child enrolment rates in schools, so the church leadership in Kacheliba decided to lead from the front and start the school in the church, so as to leave no excuse for the church members to NOT send their kids to school. Here are the pictures.


Jesus the Rock Church report, March-April, 2016

On 25TH March TO 27TH March, 2016, we had an open air meetings as from 3pm to 6pm in our church compound in Port Reitz area. God brought a big number of people to listen to His good news. They were prayed for and accepted Jesus Christ in their lives and we have seen the number increasing unlike last year where we had concentrated with the construction of the church more. We bless the Lord for this.


In the month of April, 2016, we had crusades on the 8th-10th April and 29th April-May 1st, 2016. We had invited an evangelist whom God used greatly people got born again and some delivered. We had a class seven girl who was possessed and got delivered. She says whenever she went to class she could see a snake and could not read anymore. This was disrupting her education she says she was taken to people who call them prophets but nothing happened but that day God was on operation and delivered her and her parents allowed her from that day to be a member of the church while they continue to go to where the usually go. The girl is now so jovial full of testimony she immediately joined the JRM melody group and the youth choir.

On the 24th of April we had ladies meeting entitled; knowledge of the right timing, Mathew25:1. In this meeting, we had one lady who had been violated by her husband and all ladies joined hands to pray for the husband and we saw victory through the crusade that was conducted between 29th APRIL to 1st MAY where the lady’s husband came to salvation. All the Glory be unto God who make the impossible possible.

The church is now revived; very powerful services are being experienced great praise and worship all the glory belongs to our heavenly father. We have declared this year to be a year of going to all corners and spread the good news of our Lord.

Mombasa Church construction

This is an addition to the earlier post by Pastor Shake about the Mombasa church and the vision he received. The ministry in Mombasa is registered under the name of Jesus the Rock Ministry, P.O. Box 93435-80102, Mombasa and you can contact him through his son, Jones Mwashigadi at +254726328-790.


These pictures are of the site that they leased, located in the middle of a residential area, located 2 kilometres from the Moi International Airport, Mombasa. It was a dump site and they cleaned it up, then built a low boundary wall and used second hand corrugated iron sheets for the walls and the roof. It is certainly an upgrade from renting a secular video hall every sunday, because when the Manchester United vs Arsenal game is on at 1430, the church service, no matter how anointed, must come to an end.

Victoria’s insights

Victoria Muli has a registered ministry called Victory International Ministry. She is currently church planting in Nairobi and participates in several mission trips with pastors and other minister’s every month. Here is her report:-




It all started in october of 2013 when I got a call from a friend that I should go to west pokot and preach at a conference for a week .I had never been to west pokot and had no idea which part of kenya it was. He gave me the number of the pastor in west pokot in whose church I was to preach. So the last week of october I set out for west pokot ,a place I knew not. The pastor had been communicating with me and told me how to get there. I used public transport which took me a whole day .The town is called kacheliba right at border of kenya and Uganda .I had to change matatus [public transport in kenya go by this name]three times .The pastor met me at a town called kitale and we went together to kacheliba .The countryside is set in beautiful scenery in valleys and mountains .It’s also very hot during the day as I was soon to find out.

We arrived at around seven at night .I was welcomed with singing and dance .Apparently this is their tradition of welcoming visitors .This was strange for me considering I grew up in Nairobi which is a cosmopolitan city .The didn’t speak english or swahili which are national languages in kenya ,everyone speaks this two languages to communicate with one another .I later asked why and was told they have never been to school .I asked how I was going to preach the gospel for them to understand? The pastor said he would translate in their language and so I started preaching the next day to a people who understood what I was saying through translation .By he grace of God I saw that I was getting through to them .This is how a strong bond and relationship was forged between a town girl and a group of people who are uneducated but love God with all their hearts. We had to find a way to understand each other when the pastor was not around and so I decided to learn one or two words e.g greetings and so on.

They are a loving people and since then I have been going there for the last three years .at least once or twice a year. When I have money am able to take people with me for this missions.

This has also opened the door to a mission field of the pokots in northern Uganda who are their relatives .Every time I visited after that first time I had to take them something like money to buy food. Their lives are difficult and before they got born again they used to live a life of moving from place to place it’s only now they are building houses though made of mud but still they have a form of permanence and now they can be found in one place not like before.

There was a time I used to take them clothes to wear and now they have a sense of dressing which they didn’t have before ,where their children walked naked now they know it’s good to wear clothes .They didn’t understand that their children needed to go to school but now they see the logic after being taught by different servants of God that I have managed to take there by the grace of God.

I also had to learn to like their kind of food so I can be accepted and believe me their diet only takes the grace of God to get used to but now it’s no longer a challenge. I fit in just fine every time the Lord enables me to go there.




Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10:29 AM


This year I have been arranging with the pastor to go there this month but am seeing I can only make to go in May because I was invited for a crusade in a place called Kisii still in kenya .I have never been there before so again this will be a new experience for me .This is what God has called me to do .To go to different places as a missionary and tell people of the love of God towards them and how much He cares for them. This month I have been invited to celebrate passover with a prayer group that I have been helping to organize 24hours of prayer for families ,church and the nation seeing that next year is our year of voting in a new government, we need to start praying now. Am also involved with a ministry called mission to the body of Christ international and they are also involved in praying for the nation and doing international out reaches .This is also the year that God has spoken to me to start a fellowship for those who are wounded and no longer believe in church or even that there is a good God out there. Many are in their homes hurting and also there are so many out there who need the true word like it was preached in days of old where the word was not mixed with theatrics but was just the word of God .Where God confirmed His word with signs and wonders.

The place where am to start this fellowship is at a place where here is a lot of crime and bad things are happening there because of poverty. This again is a challenge in itself. It needs a lot of prayer and resources before it can become self sustaining .I have faith that God is able and faithful to help me accomplish those this He has commanded me to do with the help of other saints out there or even those whom God will touch to pray which is vital for any ministry to prosper .The ministry that I have registered is called victory international ministries and I will be using this name henceforth in any work of the Lord. In the future I also have a vision to build a prayer centre for ministers of the gospel because they work so had and at times have no place to go and rest .Somewhere peaceful and full of the presence of God ,where they can be renewed again before going back to the field of harvest .A time is with us when the harvest is great but the workers are few and they will need a place of refuge once in a while .I will keep you informed of any developments as we go along.

God bless

Victoria muli



The self centered era     12/04/2016


Since october 2015 I have been going through very tough and unique hard times. I have died many deaths emotionally , mentally and spiritually .What I mean is that what I thought was has turned out to be not .As it is said by many(a faithful man who can find),there comes a time when men and women have to prove themselves before God in their every day lives but sadly because of the culture of me ,myself and I, we have failed as a people .We have become the man in the bible whom the neighbour asked for help but he told him to go and he will be filled. This man was in a position to help but didn’t because of this culture we have today .It’s true what Jesus said that men will become lovers of themselves. It’s a sign of the times so am not complaining because what this has done to me is that the Lord got an opportunity to work in me. I know now what to do and not to do after all I want to go to heaven when Jesus comes .It has brought me closer to the Lord. I can say that the pruning and changing has born fruits. It has been the most painful time of my life but a learning experience. His wonderful grace has been sufficient for me. I often ask myself when the body of Christ will experience the book of the Acts of Apostles kind of revival also found in Joel 2? I also ask when this happens how many who have this culture will survive, remember Ananias and Sapphira. We have to realize that revival comes with judgement. It will start in our Father’s house, at altar of our churches and homes. Are we ready because it’s here(the revival) whether we like it or not. It’s in trickles now in different places but I can hear the roar, the thunder , the storm in the Spirit just rearing to be released in all it’s fullness. Be found ready ,do all you can to be found ready is all I can urge us all to do .This revival is not about feeling or emotions or thinking, it’s about power ,holiness, righteousness and evidence that indeed you have been with Jesus.



An Account           12/04/2016



Last month I gave a list of all the events I was going to.

I was able to attend the passover feast on 24th march which was so powerful. We had an open heaven . People were visited by angels and there were different sightings around Nairobi city and other areas .It happened even as early as 25th morning to people who were going to work or coming home from a night out. It was beautiful to behold. On easter Sunday I was invited to attend a meeting in the afternoon ,there was this powerful presence of God that was tangible, you could feel it literally.

On 31st I was invited to go to a place called Sangoh which is past a town called Eldoret which is far from nairobi. We left at four in the morning and arrived at five in the evening .The meeting was a great blessing and we left for nairobi on 2nd april because most of us were ministering in churches on Sunday .This past weekend I was invited to attend an overnight meeting of imparting the youth for this end times, there was such great anointing and the young people mostly high school students were filled with the Holy Spirit and were on the floor. We hard to create space by moving chairs. We forgot about time and when morning came we didn’t even realize it.

The next major meeting is on 19th to 24th this month. It’s a meeting for women .About how God want’s to restore and use this women in end times. The next one after this will be from the 26th april to 1st of may in one of our counties called Narok land of the maasai people of kenya. It will be a prayer and fasting for that county. There will be three days of tent meetings for revival for the town and we will also have prayer walks around the town. As am not the one organizing this meetings ,I can’t give receipt accounts of the money used. I need money to organize meetings so I give such accounts. The only account is of transport which is mostly by public transport and those are hard because some you are given receipts and others you are not. If my vehicle had a road license then it would make it easy for me to give such account.

Victoria inspecting a church building in progress, 2013.


Victoria at pastor Nahashon’s house in Kacheliba, 2013
en route to Uganda Pokot, 2013

Pastor Nahashon’s testimony and overview of Pokot ministry


                                        Pastor Nahashon’s testimony

I am called Pastor Nahashon Kiprop Maritim. I was born on 10 March 1978 in a small village call Maraba Chereres farm in Nandi County, Kenya. We settle in Maraba after we migrated from Bomet, my ancestral land. I am the seventh born in a family of nine children, 3 girls and 6 boys of Mr. Patrice Serem[father] and Rose Serem[mother]. Nominally, my family was catholic.



I started school in 1983 and continued up to 1990 when I finished the primary level. In the year 1991, I joined form one in secondary school. In 1992 in form 2, I was forced to stay at home due to lack of School fees. I started looking for a job. Luckily i a job of being a herds man in a place called Kaptumo. I was earning Ksh 500/ $5.8 USD monthly and this could not afford to pay for even one term of school fees.



In 1994, a woman neighbour of our family convinced her brother to assist me to be employed as a police man. The guy agreed and took me to Training School where I was employed and underwent police training of nine months. After the pass-out, I continued learning and I went to Homa Bay Boys high school where I finished High School.


In 1995, I was posted to Wajir, which is a semi-arid area in the North of Kenya. After Wajir, I was transferred to Eldoret where I spent a lot of time drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and engaging in fornication.


Voice of Salvation

One day, we went to a Bar/restaurant in Eldoret to drink beer the whole night. After I left the Bar drunk, I was robbed, beaten, undressed and was left helpless in the small valley on the side of the road.

A good Samaritan came to rescue me the following morning. I was given me milk and for some few minutes I regained strength and started moving to my house. I reached home that morning and went to my room. I stayed there for three days compulsory fasting and this is where I heard sounds like the flowing water in a stream under the earth saying “Nahashon? Arise and walk this is my time for me to use you as my vessel and i will take you to the place where your heart doesn’t want to live but that’s where you will declare my name and serve me as your Lord.”


This happened three times and later I woke up and took a bath and started eating. This happened at night where I was told to pray and because I had not receive Jesus as my saviour, I didn’t. Again, the vision caused me not to have peace the whole night and the whole day until I heard the preacher at the shopping centre preaching from Mathew 10:7 “the kingdom of God is at hand, come to Jesus” through loud speakers. I went to hear the word of God and the preacher gave us a chance to receive Jesus and I fell down and started speaking in tongues for declaring the deliverance in my life. I was baptized the following Sunday. I joined his church until1999 where he saw my talent as a sunday school teacher. He later promoted me as an evangelist and he instructed me join doctrinal teachings for that ministry. After my courses in bible school ended in 2002, he declared me as an assistant pastor. I was still in the Police service.


Call to Pokot

In 2005, God spoke to me again that I have to surrender being a policeman in order to serve Him fully and I refused many times. I paid dearly for my refusal. I underwent various wounds by shootings by criminal gangs or enemies. I almost died until I resigned from the Police Force in February 2006.

In September, 2006, God spoke to me in a dream “saying, now go to West Pokot, declare salvation to my people and teach them my ways”. I refused again and that made me get paralysed on one side of my body. When I sought treatment for the paralysis in the hospital, I was told I have no sickness. One morning, when I was taking a bath, the voice came to me again “arise and go to pokot and that’s where you will receive good health”.

I started my journey the following morning and as I entered into the car, my heart felt like it had a burden offloaded. I began to slowly feel better until I reached pokot and, after I preached for three days, I was completely healed.

I preached for three months in pokot and got tired. When I came back to Eldoret, [a different part of Kenya] the same sickness fell on me again with strong force until I decided to go back again to pokot and again I was healed. [the message was Mathew 10:6-12]


Marital status

In 2007 I met a woman called Mwanamisi Chepoisho in pokot. She decided to marrry me and God has blessed us with 3 children. One boy called Salmon Kipkoech, then two girls Erina Chemariach and Gloria Chelatan and that made the word of God spread rapidly and many people came for Jesus.


Background to Christian Holiness Gospel Mission.


Starting in 2012, we decided to open Christian Holiness Gospel mission ministry with more than 160 members with the special goal with a good vision that I have in my heart and so far we have got three planted churches in Uganda and two in Kenya. All together, they have more than one thousand active members. The churches are growing rapidly and holding the word of truth. We thank the Lord Jesus and his Miracles in this region.





Assets of the church

  1. 2 cows
  2. 6 goats
  3. 1 motor bike


My vision


  1. Planting more churches
  2. Crusades and evangelisms
  3. Establishing orphanage home and widows home
  4. Conferences
  5. Establishing schools in our churches.
  6. Drilling boreholes
  7. Establishing Adult education in the community
  8. Revivals and teachings




To spread the holy Gospel of God to the entire universe and transform souls to seek the kingdom of God [Mathew 10:5]


Miracles of God

The word of God in Mathew 10:7-8 and as you go, preach the word “saying the kingdom of God is at hand….” “heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons”.

As I was preaching, I met two people who were carrying a boy who was seriously oppressed by demons and I commanded the devil to leave and the boy was okay. That deliverance made the Gospel of God known in this town and many came to Jesus bringing the sick. Barren women have been healed and are now giving birth. The oldest woman had 16 years in marriage without a child. She now has a child after prayers. We thank the Lord.

Others reports are:-

Two HIV positive, a man and are woman are now negative.

One man with prostate cancer is now in good health.

Two madmen and one lady are now praising the lord.

Recently, one woman who is now one of our church members almost died. She was taken to various hospitals and only after prayer, was she healed. This made many people to come to the Lord in Uganda and Kenya following what God is doing in our ministry


Present challenges


  1. Am now learning in a theological college in Kitale Impact Christian University for a B.A in Theology. No support of funds (school fees) to accomplish my mission of learning and have more skills.


  1. Church support. We need to build three permanent churches approximately cost of Kshs. 1.5 MILLION each. We also need to construct two classrooms for early primary years in each permanent church, these cost Kshs 800,000 each.
  2. Church car. We purchase a car costing Kshs 800,000 and have approximately Kshs 400,000 left to pay on it. We are however using the car to get around.
  3. Lack of teachers to teach in the schools. The church operates in areas of little or no literacy at all. Therefore it decided to start projects to support the peoples need for a harmonious and gradual co-existence and understanding. It has started Adult education in these places as well as Pre-primary and primary education. The educational program lacks adequate teachers, as well as good and enough structures for the mentioned purpose. The students use church buildings as classrooms and most of them study under trees. The condition gets worse during hot sunshine and rainy seasons.



The high illiteracy levels of the pokot in the arid and semi-arid parts of Kenya and Uganda places them at vulnerable economic position compared to those who live in urban cities. The establishment of institutions of learning shall help them catch up with the other regions. When there is understanding of the gospel, this enables a transformation of the society into a God fearing place.


Pokots socio-ethnic background

Pokots are the sub-tribe of Kalenjin living in Rift Valley (north rift). They are found in West Pokot County, Kapenguria District, Kenya and in the northern side of Uganda located in Karamajong District.

They are known amongst Kenyans and Ugandans as cattle rustlers. This has been their main method of income generating habit. They likes meat and milk as their favourite diet and also drink blood from cows. They are the ones who are disturbing the Government of Kenya so far. As i write this, the Kenyan Army is disarming them in East Pokot County of their illegal guns.

Pokot has high poverty and is a HIV Aids zone.

Forced marriages of underage girls is experienced.

Widows are oppressed and inherited.

Culture is exercised and FGM is prevalent, especially if a young girl wants to find a catch.



Contacts: PASTOR NAHASHON KIPROP MARITIM /E-mail skype talonash1/ Mob: +254720013015/+254733574239




































































Kenya Pokot Church

new church under construction in kacheliba, 2013
Pokot church members, enjoying the service


Pokot really requires a entire website its own, it is such a different place from the rest of Kenya.  It is located in what we used to call the NFD, Northern Frontier District. I will refrain from commenting on the social issues at first, because they are huge and might get in the way of what God is doing there. Some pressing issues are guns, guns and guns. Pokots are sharp shooters and make very good warriors. the men you see in the picture were all Pokot Warriors and it is only Jesus who brought them to sit quietly in church. I will  post next Pastor Nahashon’s testimony, because that is where the story begins. pastor Nahashon is not a Pokot but he married a Pokot lady, who is a teacher and whose father came from the Uganda Pokot side.  In reality, there is no border control between Kenya and Uganda Pokot, since they are one nation, one language and one culture. the only government presence is when you leave Kenya pokot, you see a small Kenya police post, totally outgunned by the Pokot warriors and when you enter Uganda pokot, you have to check in with the local intelligence official, just to verify that you are not a criminal or harbouring bad intentions towards Museveni’s government.

Pastor Shake and his wife, Victoria Muli, a minster from Nairobi, travelled to Pokot many times in the last three years to preach and assist Pastor Nahashon. These pictures were taken on mission trips.


Taita Church


My names are Rev. Jones Mwashighadi Shake, got born again in 1978 after God healing me as a young man when I received prayer from Christians.

In 1987, I got married to one wife Jane Shake and am blessed with four children, Mackdonald Mwashighadi Shake, Solomon Mwakwasha Shake, Damarice Mkamburi Shake and Eunice Chao Shake.

Before marriage, God spoke to me to resign from my work as a hotelier and work for Him. In 1988 October, I resigned and started serving God fulltime under my pastor Bishop. Dr. Ernest Mwata. After five years, God sent me to Chawia location, Laghonyi to serve as a pastor. It’s here that I have seen God using me tremendously. He has walked with me using signs & wonders just as the Bible says in Acts 5:12.

God help us build a big church in the village. It wasn’t easy but God provided. As the gospel got juicier there, I felt that space was needed to help us accommodate our visitors on our own instead of taking them to friends houses. We invited guest speakers for seminars and crusades but we didn’t have place for them to sleep within the church compound. We come up with a plan for a vicarage which materialized and come to pass and now instead of the one bed room house I found there was a eight-bed roomed house.

It wasn’t easy to be welcomed in this area Chawia. It took God’s intervention. It was a place where people believed in their local gods i.e. gods who they called for rains to come, and another god who they used to use not to allow visitors enter their area. This is why this area lacked behind in everything as no development would be allowed in the village due to the god’s influence. The people’s trust was in witchcraft for their healing and protection. This area was totally covered with total darkness. In terms of educational achievement, the highest level was just the primary school level. It was a battle field between the light of the most highest God and the darkness that I found there. God manifested Himself and salvation entered the village picking one villager at a time through healing. Some called the church to go and destroy their gods which we did. We set the sorcery emblems of these gods on fire, while calling on the name of Jesus to cleanse the people and forgive them of their sins.

God won as usual. The light has now penetrated and we have seen developments coming our way in the village. Students have gone beyond high schools, gone to colleges and universities. We now boast of our own High school in the village, electricity and even farm produce which are being exported from Kenya. Famers are now busy in their farms. Investors have come and things are happening. This is all about God planting a church here and managing it through the Holy Spirit being the helper.

The church has grown greatly. So far we have had more than fifty weddings of youths getting married in the church and not from other churches but our own. These youth have been taught from Sunday school on the right path of God according to the Bible and God’s guidance.

All this hasn’t been by my own but with the church leadership. These are the deacons, who are the pushers of the vision that God has put in the pastor. We have other departments such as youth leaders, women leaders and men leadership without forgetting childrens department too. Intercessors and evangelism departments have caused the church to be as it is now. This also brought about a powerful and strong pillar in the ministry to be exposed. My wife Pst. Jane Shake come to existence by God taking her from one step to another of growth by His grace and God saw it good to ordain her as pastor.

Despite all the challenges in the ministry, God has been faithful that he has expanded the vision from the village to the City. The church is a mother to its branch in Mombasa Port Rietz ward named JESUS THE ROCK MINISTRIES .This born after God talked to me in 1995 that there is a branch of the church in Mombasa Port Rietz area in a vision. He showed me a plot that was enough for a church and for future developments. I thank God cause it come to existence after taking a step of faith in 2004 to follow up the vision.

I bless the Lord for this far He has brought His vision in me, He has not ashamed nor have we ashamed Him as a church despite the huge hills and valleys that we have across on the way. He has been in our side and we haven’t disappointed him we have remained steadfast to the faith in HIM.

CAM00483We are trusting God for greater heights in the ministry, in Jesus name.